Spartan Trading Courses

Trading Can Be Easy Once You Learn The Shortcuts. The Complete Trader Program will show you a precise trading blueprint for finding low risk high probability trades.

  • Live weekly training sessions
  • Private members group
  • 200+ hours of training sessions
  • 12 modules
  • PDF manual
  • Email support

No more second-guessing as you’ll be following a proven strategy used by students world-wide for 8 years.

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The Spartan Fast Track Program is designed get traders up to speed in just 12 short weeks and for both novice and advanced traders as we offer a step by step blueprint regardless of experience level.  This program is invaluable as it teaches you all the strategies during live market hours and through real trades. No hypothetical trading here.

  • Includes 2 live training sessions daily
  • Includes Spartan Trading manual
  • Includes training videos
  • Includes live help during classes
  • Includes email support when you need it
  • Gives you all the pieces you need to succeed

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The Spartan Trader Basic Program is for traders of all levels but on a tight budget or looking somewhere simple to start.  Don’t let the word “Basic” fool you as these are the same core strategies that we use professionally.

  • Includes 6 modules
  • Includes PDF manual
  • Includes 20 hours of video instruction
  • Learn day trading and swing trading
  • Money management, entries, exits and stop losses taught in detail


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The Renko Bar Course will show you a favorite technique of ours to remove much of the market noise which will result in a higher winning percentage.

  • Easy to understand Renko Trading step by step
  • Includes videos from recent live workshop
  • 10+ hours of training sessions
  • PDF “Cheat Sheet”
  • Includes Spartan Risk Management Indicator for MT4
  • Email support

This is a favorite among our students.

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"I am concentrating on his Swing Trading approach and have already had several trades with profit in the hundreds of pips, as many other students have, for the first time in my trading career. Nikos is a very humble, patient and generous mentor and I consider myself very lucky to have become one of his students. I would definitely recommend friends to join (and I have)."
What Students Say About Spartan Trader Academy
Brian McLean - Australia
What Students Say About Spartan Trader Academy
"By studying and trading along side of Nikos I now have that confidence. I am currently in a swing trade and booked 55 pips on first lot…110 on 2nd…and am up 210 pips on 3rd lot. My advice is simple : Learn the Spartan system …trade the Spartan system…profit from it."
Billy USA
What Students Say About Spartan Trader Academy
"I did not expect much when I joined your live trading room this month, but dude “wow”. I took the short on the euro against the US dollar and closed the last lot on Friday. 255 pips profits, man. I never made over 50 pips in the last 10 years of trading.   I hope I have the strength to keep it up. You have my respect! Thanks for your time and teaching!"
David USA
I would simply say Great Great Great Great system to make consistent pips on daily basis. Before I started with Spartan Trader Fx I was trading my own system and was making pips and giving it back all in few trades but it all changed when I learned the Spartan Trader Fx system and started applying it to my live trades. Started making pips on consistent basis I would recommend this to anyone who is really struggling to make pips.  In simple words I would say go for it.
What Students Say About Spartan Trader Academy

Doreen - Canada
I’ve been trading for 4 years before I got into contact with Nikos, and boy did this made a difference!  At least half a dozen of the most reputable traders and self acclaimed gurus have taught me trading only to see my account dwindle to 10% of its original amount. The first month with Nikos I made +32% and I am not kidding you.
What Students Say About Spartan Trader Academy

Jan Overzet
I did not expect much when I joined Nikos here at the Spartan Academy, but that changed faster than I thought.  Nick has patience like no other with his students, This is the first time I made 3 month consistent profits in the past 5 years of trading. I have a trading plan and bigger goals now. In my opinion Nikos is the best coach I came across and the trading system and risk management rules are simple and fantastic. If you want a shortcut to trading success try it out people!
What Students Say About Spartan Trader Academy

Hida Sanches - Spain
I took 13 trades on the live sessions, with my trading coach helping me to overcome my fears of executing the trades.  9 trades were winning trades with over 50 pips profit on average per trade. The 4 losers were 10-15 pips.  I really start to feel good about myself and my trading, thanks to the support and the help I get from Spartan trader Fx academy. I think I am lucky that I end up here.
What Students Say About Spartan Trader Academy
Harry - Brazil

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