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Forex Mentoring & Intensive Live Trading Course

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The goal of this course is to “transform” and  turn you into successful financial market trader fast and stress free!

This is a private, 3 month step by step, online, forex mentoring &Intensive Live Trading Course is split into very small classes. It is developed for new and advanced traders with up to 80 hours live online mentoring and trading.

•   We will create and update your personal trading journal and trading plan together.

•    We will have live training sessions through the internet (webinars) 2-3 times a week. Every session will be a minimum of 1 hour duration.

•    The great thing about this course is that you are not in a listen only mode. Small classrooms up to only 5 people allow us to use Skype, so everybody can talk, ask questions and discuss our trading.

•    We will search together for trading opportunities and signals in a relaxed and easy atmosphere.

•    We will analyze charts and trades that were made by you and us. We will discuss the reasons for our trades. We will do exercises to improve your skills and your trading psychology.

•    We will learn how to scalp, how to trade intraday and how to master swing trading.

•    I will provide up to 80 hours of training/teaching and live trading in a relaxed and easy atmosphere.

•    We know it is very important, especially for new traders that someone holds your hand as you learn to control your emotions, learn to be disciplined, and learn to follow the strategy and rules of my trading system.

•    Personal 1 to 1 sessions. In this Intensive Live Trading Course we will discuss your progress so I can help you the best way possible.

•    I will help you to use your trading platform and to setup your charts that are needed to trade the system. You will learn how to make money and how to increase your profits in trending and sideways moving markets.

•    We will search together for live trading opportunities in the financial markets (forex, stocks, metals …). I will guide you and give you professional advice and tips.

•    I will help you choose a broker that suites you if you need my assistance.

•    I will also help you understand how to use your Meta trader 4 trading platform and much more!

Free Bonus:

1. With this Forex Mentoring &Intensive Live Trading Course you will receive my classic eBook & workbook


I was new to trading when I joined the Spartan forex mentoring & Intensive Live Trading Course. I am trading for over two years the Spartan system and happy to call myself a full time forex trader now. I have done my mistakes in past and paid for it like every other trader. I am also proud to say that I started to manage client accounts and go for 15% profits a month with a risk of 1% on average. My favorite style is Swing Trading. Nikos is a real mentor and I am happy that I found him right at the beginning. In my first two months I made over 1100 pips with one trade alone and I am more than happy to share some of my best trades with you (one exmaple below). Trading Success is all about discipline, patience and the right mind set. I have learned that here.

Dimitris Limberis

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    For now only  € 1.990,00* Price will change soon!

This Intensive Live Trading Course starts every month at the 1st and 15th ! We will find exact times/days for you together via skype!