New Workshop: How To Boost Winning Trades And Find The “Sweet Spot” On The Charts

If you’ve been trading for anytime at all that you’ve probably noticed that trading is so easy on hindsight as it’s easy to see what was the best way to make the trade. The setups also seem crystal clear after the fact as well.

The big challenge in trading is that things are not that clear in real-time with hard earned money on the lime.  Instead of clear cut signals it seems like the charts are full of “Gray Areas” and deciding what to do can be nerve wrecking.   Does this sound familiar?

Well if it does we invite you to check out our new upcoming workshop called the “Fearless Trader” that will help you find the “Sweet Spot” on the charts.  This will give you the ability to locate the trades most likely to put pips into your account.

After the workshop you’ll have a new found confidence and clarity in your trading and yourself.

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We hope to see you in class!

Nikos & Dr. Jeff