Student Success Stories

Gail - 2000 Pips!

Tomek - Up 600 Pips!

I started by purchasing the Spartan FX Video Course and studying it for a month before joining the Live Trading Room. To say that Nikos is a very gifted teacher would be an understatement. He blends technical analysis with trading psychology in every session. You can tell that he is the ‘real deal’…someone who’s ‘been there and done that. After approximately two months of working with the Spartan methodology I can say now that my trading has turned the corner. It has been said that “you need to trade from a level of confidence that comes only from a series of successes”. By studying and trading along side of Nikos I now have that confidence. I am currently in a swing trade and booked 55 pips on first lot…110 on 2nd…and am up 210 pips on 3rd lot. My advice is simple : Learn the Spartan system …trade the Spartan system…profit from it.

Billy USA

Hi Nikos. That is the first time I am writing a review and that means a lot. What you do here, is unique. You probably don’t even know that. I am one of these guys, who has spent about 20000 $ on systems and Robots in the last 10 years and never had a profitable month. I did not expect much when I joined your live trading room this month, but dude “wow”. I took the short on the euro against the US dollar and closed the last lot on Friday. 255 pips profits, man. I never made over 50 pips in the last 10 years of trading. I hope I have the strength to keep it up. You have my respect! Thanks for your time and teaching!

David USA

No trading coach breaks down the markets into such a succinct and effective trading style. I have thoroughly enjoyed learning and trading with Nikos; and thanks to his honest and fun training approach have now turned around my trading to profitability. Pay special attention to his powerful Renko Bar system; it offers a trading style of beautiful simplicity, and when applied correctly offers great profits.

Jason Howard - UK

Nikos is a successful professional trader who has decided to teach his trading methods to others to help them become successful too. His simple approach with minimal indicators will help you see Forex charts in a new light and help you figure out where pairs are moving. All lessons are done through a live trading room, on live charts so there is no smoke & mirrors, it’s all real (they can also be downloaded later if you miss one). I have to try to unlearn most of 10years worth of courses & complications so I can trade the system as simply as it is intended. I am concentrating on his Swing Trading approach and have already had several trades with profit in the hundreds of pips, as many other students have, for the first time in my trading career. Nikos is a very humble, patient and generous mentor and I consider myself very lucky to have become one of his students. I would definitely recommend friends to join (and I have).

Brian McLean - Australia

After years and years of breaking my head I think I am going to finally be able to look at the market with NEW EYES… Thank you so very much Nikos.

Ranjit - Scottland

I am trading for about one year now. With Nikos I am 4 months now taking the private intensive course.  When I started on my own I lost a bit of my money, but not much, because I traded with mini lots only. The e-book is really good for start, but if you wish full understanding and success, you must follow the live trading and training lessons. This is my opinion of course.  My account is growing slowly but steady because the money management rules are very tide and I risk only 1-2% from my money on each of my trades. I still do some mistakes, but I have confidence and not afraid to trade.  Nikos is there when help is needed and that is important for me right now.  My advice to the readers is – Contact Nikos and explain what you want. This is the best way to make a wise decision. For now, good luck to all.

Mark - UK

I had been trying to trade for nearly 3 years, unsuccessfully!!! all it took was a chance meeting with a professional trader on a train in London who said “find yourself a mentor!!! one that you can actually see take a live trade with the style of trading they teach, then you will see what it is all about” 6 months have passed since I took this advice which is exactly the length of time I have been a student with Nikos and I can confidently say that within a couple of months I will then regard myself as a full time, successful forex trader, thanks Nikos.


With the Spartan trading system my desire and passion to trade the Forex market is growing. I am learning to overcome the Market challenges and trading is becoming a really Fun and enjoyable career path. Coaching and mentor-ship from Nikos has brought me to this point. Interested individuals will be rewarded handsomely for their choice by starting out with Spartan Trading System. As I have experienced this for myself and am enjoying the benefit of learning to capture pips in the Market. In closing I personally want to Thank Nikos for his skill as a fellow trader/teacher of Spartan and will extend an invitation to interested persons to join us in trading the Forex Market.

Edward Teresinski

I would simply say Great Great Great Great system to make consistent pips on daily basis. Before I started with Spartan Trader Fx I was trading my own system and was making pips and giving it back all in few trades but it all changed when I learned the Spartan Trader Fx (Norfesiafx) system and started applying it to my live trades. Started making pips on consistent basis, this trading method has clear entry and exit rules.If anyone is struggling then must must must try this system and see for them self that it works each and every time time after time.I would recommend this to anyone who is really struggling to make pips.In simple words I would say go for it.

Doreen - Canada

I am trading forex almost 5 years. Believe it or not, but I have spent about $ 50,000 in “education” and Trading systems. Videos, Courses, Seminars you name it. I did not expect much when I joined Nikos here at the Spartan Academy, but that changed faster than I thought. Nick has patience like no other with his students, and after watching and trading live with him and the group for about 2 months I joined his Elite course! The first time I made 3 month consistent profits in the past 5 years of trading. I have a trading plan and bigger goals now. In my opinion Nikos is the best coach I came across and the trading system and risk management rules are simple and fantastic. If you want a shortcut to trading success try it out people!

Hida Sanches - Spain

Amazing I made over 1000 pips the last 3 weeks with Nikos. The hardest part of studying under Nikos is forgetting past Forex knowledge. All other courses may say you can be a successful trader with 30-50% winning trades but no other system matches the number of CONSISTENT successful trades you can have with Nikos system. All he uses is price, 4 emas, support and resistance, and trendlines. You do not need to use any other trading ‘tool’ to be a successful forex trader. Everything he taught finally came together when he taught the last section of his course on swing trading. His step by step approach, one concept building on the other has culminated with me being a more patient, disciplined, confident, and amazingly a consitant profitable trader. I can say it is simple and easy to follow. You are definitely on your way to successful trading with Nikos.

Nick - Belgium

Hi, I would like to update my review from last month. I have started to trade on a real account with very small lots, because my results on the demo were better than expected.  The feeling to trade with real money is truly different. I took 13 trades on the live sessions, with my trading coach helping me to overcome my fears of executing the trades. 9 trades were winning trades with over 50 pips profit on average per trade.  The 4 losers were 10-15 pips.  I really start to feel good about myself and my trading, thanks to the support and the help I get from Spartan trader Fx academy. I think I am lucky that I end up here.

Harry - Brazil

I’m only 4 days with you at your live training room and i have learned a lot of things. Every day I feel that I become better and finally after 4 years I believe that I will be profitable in a long run. 4 years daily focus, tried all the system on planet, tried all EA’s and robots or “gurus” but still lost money again and again in a long run. With you I understand that I’m a good trader and I dont need anyone to tell me where to buy or where to sell anymore.


I am not good with writing English but, and maybe I am also a bit lazy, but I make an exception with Spartan forex academy. I am watching and following the blog for 2 years and always liked the content. I never trade too much and never really had rules for myself. Last September I joined one month of Spartan Academy live trading room and with my experience I already had, I had my first winning month ever. Not only one two trades, but the whole month was in profit without having stress. Nikos explains and trades like he drinks coffee and eat cake with friends. This was enough for me to see the value and understand how to trade in real life. Only good to report since then and I enjoy trading since last year a lot. I trade swing positions only and I am more than just happy with my results. I can only recommend you to join this school. I think it is the best right now in the world, but you have to listen and follow the rules my friends.Thank you Nikos for helping all “lost” traders and I hope you don’t change the way you do your trading and teaching.

Pascal Suchardt

Dear Traders, I have never been involved in Forex Trading in the fear of loosing my money. The spartan trader team trading system changed that easily.  Nikos as a teacher really cares and his system is very easy to understand. He has strict rules and the money management he teaches really works.  Whatever he teaches he applies them in live trading sessions with his real money account “He puts his money where his mouth is”. He is always there for you to help and advise. Thank you Nikos!

Piyush - USA

The result from simulated and live trading has been a real inspiration and I’m thrilled to have found and be a student of Spartan Trader. I really feel the method is the best I’ve encountered and fits me like a well tailored suite. And believe me I have some extensive experience of various training courses, methods, systems, mentors and live rooms. I can’t tell you the amount of time, effort and money I squandered over the years, but now believe I’ve found my trading home. Placing, managing and winning live trades gave me a great deal of satisfaction and boosted my confidence in the method and in Nikos. I’m absolutely thrilled and blown away. It has demonstrated in real terms what could be achieved in trading this method and is definitely worth much more effort on my part to ensure I continue to use this method for trading success and enjoyment. I can’t think of a better activity which is more enjoyable.

David Glyn

Hi Coach Niko. Greeting from Washington State. I just wanted to share with you my first daily time frame trade using the Spartan system. I am enjoying trading the system on the 4hr time frame. This system is truly amazing and so easy to learn. Now, that I am in a trade, I can now concentrate on my trading plan and just manage the trade once per day…See you at the training webinar.  Thank you for your expertise and your training videos are just awesome, I am learning so much.

Rob Leonard - USA

My name is Bassili from Greece and I am 5 months with Spartantraderfx (old name norfesiafx) now. I started to trade with real money about 2 months ago and I made good pips end of each month. Of course I must say that I am a very disciplined person and I always follow the rules of the system. Some people don’t do that and that is why they still loose I guess. I am happy with my results so far and I look forward to improve myself day by day. Bravo to you Nikos for being a friend and a great teacher

Vasilis - G

I’ve been trading for 4 years before I got into contact with Nikos, and boy did this made a difference! At least half a dozen of the most reputable traders and self acclaimed gurus have taught me trading only to see my account dwindle to 10% of its original amount. Not to mention their fees, which alone will run in to the thousands of dollars. The first month with Nikos I made +32% and I am not kidding you.

Jan Overzet

After joining Spartantraderfx for three months I can definitely see a great change in my trading – the trading strategy combined with the live trading session you receive here is outstanding! From a uncertain Forex trader with breakeven results I changed to a rather confident successful Forex trader.  The system’s author and trading coach “Nikos” is very friendly and helpful. One gets the impression that Nikos really cares about the students’ success. I am taking the personal 1 to 1 course: The service I get for my money is pretty rare in the business. First off, I received a eBook, i.e. actually a workbook with exercises for the theoretical basis.  Then, the live trading sessions started: We planned the dates when I am free beforehand. Following this, we met via Skype voice and a screen sharing tool. Using this setup, we able to trade together – we looked at the current market movements and eventually took trades together following the system.  I also could see that Nikos takes the trades on his real account, too by the way 😉

Daniel F - Germany

I have been trading for seven and a half years now and I must say, I am impressed by the way you trade as well as your system. It is transparent, there is no black box involved, the rules seem to be clear cut, and you don’t BS…How do I know this? Because I have been in this game for quite some time and exposed to a lot of programs in the past. As far as I am concerned, you are here to stay my friend. Also, what you have to offer is very fairly priced. I would like to suggest people learn from you what they can. I can see that you are the real deal. Thank you for your valuable contribution to our industry. You deserve all the respect and credit. You earn it -;)

Ivan - South Africa

I have never written a review before but I hope this helps a few people who want to learn to trade Forex successfully but have a full time job. I have spent more money than I care to remember for systems and courses over the past years. But at the end of the day you are on your own and have to make it work for you. And because it never did work you, you end up moving on to another system or course. At the end of the day you end up going nowhere and with little confidence. PLUS I have a day job and cannot afford to trade on 1-15 minute methods, as most methods seem to be. It occurred to me that I would do better if perhaps I could be mentored or at least be able to call or have convenient access to a ‘successful trader’. Quite by accident I found Spartan Forex on the internet. They seemed to have good reviews, at least I couldn’t find anything bad and they offered a 3 month intensive course and it was possible to trade on longer time frames. I emailed Spartan and they suggested I give them a Skype. I expected a hard sell or at least ‘ order this week as we have a special offer’ . I was a little ‘disappointed’, Nikos explained the program in detail, answered my questions and told me to think about it. It was a really nice call and there was no request to join them now and no subsequent mails. He seemed really genuine. I did sign up for the course a month later and I can see the light and the possibility of making this work and there is a chance of transitioning out of my awful day job. Initially he sent me the swing trading strategy which was quite detailed which I read 3 times. Then started 3 weeks in my case one-on-one training and reviewing the strategy. He then puts you in very small groups (3 other people in my case) of similar standards. We meet about twice a week with conferencing and he teaches us step-by-step the method and how to analyze the market and always gives us homework. I look forward to it, there are a lot of jokes, mainly by Nikos. We are creating our trading journals with our live trades whilst we prepare our trading plans. For me the chart setup is simple and uncluttered. You can ‘ see’ the setups easily in real-time. Nikos has a genuine interest in his students and spends as much time with us as necessary. I am now at a point where I can predict the possible scenarios that the market will do and only if that happens do I take the trade. My last trade made 360 pips and I still have a third of the position still open. For me I am now making real pips and not just 20 pip trades but 100’s of pips profits (Yes I would doubt it myself if someone told me this). I hope it helps a few people, that trading is possible with a day job. Yes, mostly people are after your money but just occasionally it is also possible to find an exception.

Marc Epsley - Netherlands

I have been trading for seven and a half years now and I must say, I am impressed by the way you trade as well as your system. It is transparent, there is no black box involved, the rules seem to be clear cut, and you don’t BS…How do I know this? Because I have been in this game for quite some time and exposed to a lot of programs in the past. As far as I am concerned, you are here to stay my friend. Also, what you have to offer is very fairly priced. I would like to suggest people learn from you what they can. I can see that you are the real deal. Thank you for your valuable contribution to our industry. You deserve all the respect and credit. You earn it -;)

Fredo - Italy

I joined Niko’s june swing trading sessions. Initially I just wanted to see what he was up to and was surprised to see that he has a very simple but very powerful trading system if one understands whats behind price movement . He is a real trader who is keen to show you what works with no hype and goes out of his way to explain things.  Many thanks for introducing me to this man who has shown me how to use differently the tools I already had. Its a good thing to always have an open mind in this trading business.

Norman C - USA

Hi Dr. Jeff,
Haha......yes indeed it was a long way........I knew you 6 years ago.  You were the person who opened my eyes to the reality of trading.  You told me things that no forex guru wants to tell me. 
I learnt from you to keep my trading simple and disregard all other BS over the internet. Before that I spent over $2800 for a 2 day forex course that taught me only all basic stuff.  The local trainer promised to reveal the secrets of how banks trade and make big money.  He even gave lifetime support to members for free but one year later he just disappeared and was never heard of again.........many of us felt cheated.
 Thanks again.....

EW Chng


Very grateful for your response, thanks for answering my question. I've been battling many psychological issues and falling into the usual traps of trying many different systems for a long long time. I'm sure this is familiar territory to both yourself and Nikos.

It wasn't until I decided to just stick with a simple system (Spartan is perfect for this) and look beyond the screen to find the answer to the problems I have been experiencing that I have started to see real progress.

I found the book 'Trade Mindfully' by Gary Dayton immensely helpful as he described many of the mental traps I was falling into. I thought I would mention it in gratitude for your response. Perhaps some of the lessons in this book might be helpful to incorporate into your program or as a recommendation to your guys. It's not your average trading psychology book, and to my mind much better than 'Trading In The Zone' by Mark Douglas. A real eye opener.

I am looking forward to joining the academy as soon as my trading profits are able to cover the cost. This seems ass-backwards but money is tight at the moment yet I would like very much to give something back for all of the free content Spartan FX Academy has provided, make even more improvements and talk to some like minded traders (and help out newbies if I am able). Will contact you again in the new year regards this and give some serious thought to visiting Chateau Mermigas in 2016!

Good luck to both of you, hope you have a great Christmas and New Year and hope to see the Academy having another good year.

Thanks again,


Hi mate,

I just want to said thank for the valuable informations. Your material are the most enjoyable education source i have stumbled across so far after watching so many videos and information on trading so far.

it is simple but so powerful, you have refine the art to the point of a "simple complicity", i have used your technicals and it has open new window for me in trading but most important of all it has able me to spot trend and opportunity better than what i could 4 months ago.

i was making so many loses to the point where putting in another trade was so hard due to the batted confident. but after watching your videos and a few of your other training videos on youtube, it has taught me the basic and also taught me how to use the tool probably and also show me new technique which i never know before. eg, i use EMA, i know the math of how they made it but i just dont know how it can be use. but through your video and your walk through, I finally put those tool to their property use. im starting to make some win but most important of all i began to know what im looking at and starting to feel and get a knowing of where the trend may or may not go ( and this knowing is so powerful and it really made me appreciated the what professional traders and the thing they must had gone through to get to where they are now)

i walked away from my job 4 months ago as i finally understood it not what i wanted to do. I didnt know what i should do for a living but then i stumbled over this trading subject and i didnt know what trading was and after did so reading and research on the profession, it resonate well with me, not because of making lot of money, but because it suit my personally. Hence started my journey from there.

once my account grows, i may return to your site to purchase more material from you to further my learning. thank you

Regards, Hai


Hi Jeff & Nikos,

Many thanks for this weeks Renko workshop. I learned a lot and it helped me to bring together what I had learned from the complete trader videos that I have watched so far.

I really enjoyed both the technical side from Nikos and the mental side which you presented today Jeff. You are both excellent and extremely patient mentors.  You're the best I've ever come across and I've paid out a lot of dollars in education!

Shane Hogan