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The 8 Million Dollar Man Caught On Camera!

Recently traders from around the world witnessed my good friend and professional money manager Nikos Mermigas trade in real time the same system he uses to manage over $8,000,000.  This is something you will rarely get to see as most gurus are scared shi-less to trade with real money in front of a live audience.  When the dust settled after 20 days of live trading, Nikos achieved 20% profits trading very conservatively with a tiny risk of just 0.2-1%.  If you are not impressed by 20%, I can tell you it’s no easy feat when your risking as little as he does.  In fact, anytime you see someone claiming they made huge gains in one month you can be certain they were leveraging the hell out of there account and taking very aggressive risks.

Even more impressive was that he was able to teach over 150 traders the exact system he uses step by step all while actively trading and… On top of that he calmly and patiently answered every single question in the room.

So how can this help your forex trading?  He recorded over 40 hours of video that captures every last detail on how to trade his system. The thing that truly makes it unlike any other program you’ve probably bought is you learn how it is traded in real time and you can see and hear the exact logic he uses as the market unfolds versus after the fact analysis.  This is an invaluable thing not to be missed especially with newer traders who may have never seen a professional trade before.  I can promise it is eye-opening and the real deal!

I know your getting bombarded with offers everyday but this one is a keeper and best of all your getting 40 hours of step by step instruction
for the same price you pay for an ebook.
I’ll leave you with a few examples of the experiences traders had who attended this event…
I am following Nikos webinars closely. He is the “real deal”. Over the years I have seen so much crap I almost gave up hope. Then along came Nikos and for a few Euros he is giving us the real deal. I am blown away!  Thanks a lot, Simon
George from Singapore almost doubled his account in only 4 weeks; Stefani from Spain made 35 % profits and Alexander from Brazil 1100% (a little bit too aggressive for my taste in risk management, but “who makes the pips is right in the end”). And all that, just by following a simple system.

Here’s just a sample of what you’ll learn in the 40 hours of training…

Step by step system explanation covering all trading styles including intraday, scalping and swing trading.

1. How to apply an “Top down” approach on major forex pairs and metals.
2. How to organize your trading screen for maximum efficiency and results.
3.  How to properly draw trend lines and choose the right timeframes.
4.  How to actively manage the trades and the best trading rules to follow.
5.  How to overcome fear and greed so that you don’t sabotage yourself.
6.  How to apply Niko’s exact system during live trading.
7.  Learn what is vital to use on the charts and what things are useless.
8.  Learn how to reprogram your mind to stay focused on your success instead of focusing on failure.
9.  Learn how to avoid repeating previous mistakes, so you can improve your skills faster.
10. Learned how to take responsibility for your trading and much more…
11. Q and A’s with participants during the session.
12. Learn the exact mindset and logic Nikos uses before he enters each trade.

Normally Nikos would have to charge 500 Euros for this much live training but since these are recordings he is able to offer the 40 plus hours of video for just a onetime fee of 79 Euros. To receive your videos click the Buy Now button below.  Please note that all videos are delivered to you digitally and nothing is mailed to you.
On behalf of Nikos

Jeff Wilde

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We do not offer refunds on Digital products (video courses, ebooks etc.) Your satisfaction is still our top priority. If you have a problem with a product, just contact us and we will work with you to resolve the issue. Have a great day!

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